overripe, underripe tomatoes

I'm always sad to see the summer go in Oregon.  It never lasts long enough for my tomatoes either.  I pulled up all the vines last week when the weather got chilly, and I have around 20 lbs of green ones!  It's a bummer. . .  probably more than half my harvest.  They are now in paper bags with bananas in my kitchen, and I hope they will ripen.


On the other end of the spectrum, I had several pounds of overripe tomatoes, and I made the best pasta sauce I've ever had with them with onion, olive oil, garlic, red wine, parsley, sage, and rosemary.  They were pretty skunky when I put them in the sauce pan, and I was happily surprised with the transformation.  Homegrown tomatoes have so much flavor you barely have to boil them at all.  Maybe overripe tomatoes are the best for marinara sauce.

These are the seeds mentioned in my previous post.  I left them in the water a bit too long, and they started to germinate.  If you try this don't let them sit longer than 3 or 4 days before you strain and dry them.

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