date walnut snack bars

these always go fast ...

I started making these delicious energy bars a year ago.  They are way tastier and cheaper than any of the store bought kinds.  All you need is a food processor with a sharp blade, 1 C dates, 1 C walnuts, 1 t vanilla extract, 1 or 2 t cinnamon.  Put in processor and blend till nut particles are fairly small.  Remove mix from food processor and on a flat, clean surface press into a circle about 1- 1.5" thick.  Cut into wedges, and store in an airtight container.  I have not found it necessary to refrigerate these.  Great camping  food! 

Walnuts are the easiest to make these with because they're softer.  I used almonds in the ones above and the nuts are a bit chunkier than usual.  Almonds are harder nuts and they require a very sharp blade to process well.  I have also used cashews, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, and cardamom which are tasty additions as well.

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